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baby steps to driving again... [Aug. 15th, 2004|10:31 pm]
[mood |feeling lucky]

so the rumors are true...

i did get into a car accident on friday morning (friday the 13th mind you).  I was driving on a 4 lane road (two going east and two going west) and there were 2 cars stopped in the middle of the right hand lane (i still dont know the reason for them stopping and just sitting there) (and i didnt know that they were stopped there).  There was a car infront of me and a lady infront of him stopped behind the other 2 cars sitting there.  The guy in front of me saw the lady sitting there to late to stop so he moved into the left hand lane without breaking or any warning to me, and then when he moved i saw the lady with her breaks on and slammed and slid (it was raining out) into the back of her.  I knew as soon as i stepped on the breaks and felt the car lock and slide that i was going to hit her.  Before i knew it my air bags were out and all i see is white powder.  I couldnt break anything but that white powder for 10 seconds before i could react and open my window and stick my head out for fresh air.  A couple seconds later, I got out of the car to make sure the other driver was alright.  She was on the phone calling someone when i got there and she was breathing heavily.  She said that she saw the guy move out of the way and when he did that, she saw me and tried to get into the shoulder to avoid me hitting her, but it was too late.  I asked her 10 times if she was alright and she said yes, she just had a headache.  There was an EMT that showed up 15 seconds after the crash and said that he saw the whole thing and he radio'ed for a policeman.  He was explaining how there were two cars stopped in the lane and the lady was behind them waiting for an opening in the left lane to get around them, when the guy in front of me saw her it was too late to break and he moved into the left lane to avoid her, and then i hit her.  The policeman was very nice.  I called my dad to come pick me up and to check out the damage and called my boyfriend for support cause i was scared and upset.  He did a great job to make me calm down and feel better about everything, he is just so wonderful to me.  He spent the weekend with me and drove everywhere, i just feel so much more comfortable with him around, hes amazing.

So my car has little damage to it, the front bumper is a little mis-aligned by the wheel wells, one of my headlights is aiming out instead of forward and my airbags need to be replaced.  Her car has little damage too, her back bumper popped out where it meets the back wheel wells.  Its not cracked or anything, but i did notice she has cracks in her paint on her trunk and they are rusted, so i know that she cant try to scam me to get those fixed. 

Before the accident i stopped by the A&P to pick up a cake for the girl that i replaced at work (Kerry), she was so sweet during the week she trained me that i thought a nice treat would be in order.  Funny enough, the cake was perfectly fine and i had a knife in a bag to cut the cake and im glad i put it in there or else i dont want to think what would have happened.  I finished the rest of the day at work since the only injury i had were burn marks from the impact of the airbags.  I was really lucky with the outcome of myself in the accident, all 4 grandparents were definitely looking over me.

So tomorrow i have the appraiser coming over to get an estimate and on tuesday hopefully getting the car fixed.  Chris and i actually went looking for new cars on Friday night and i went to see Saturns they are pretty nice and would be $40 a month more for a 2004 Ion than what i pay for my 97 Cabrio.  I have some options to weight when i get my car fixed.

My job is going great.  I love it so far and i should keep on loving it.  Its 15 minutes from my house, my co-workers are awesome and my boss is cool and relaxed (so i heard, i met her on my interview but she was out my first week and i will begin working with her tomorrow).  I havent gotten a pay check yet, but i have direct deposit which i think is amazing since my last job didnt have the option.  This week will be the first week that i am going to be on my own with out Kerry, so we will see how this goes :)

[User Picture]From: christowang
2004-08-15 07:44 pm (UTC)
You definitly should worry about getting your car fixed, and your finance's in order at the new job before you worry about changing cars.

Yeah, you could put more money into your car by then, but you aren't really losing that much. No matter what you will probably break even with it IF you can sell it now to pay it off. That could be a big if.
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[User Picture]From: laurlaur182
2004-08-15 07:50 pm (UTC)
yea, and dad was telling me that everything that would break is already fixed in my car except for the clutch, that would be the next thing to be fixed and thats only $150.

Unless that car gets down to $14000 without my down payment, i dont think its worth it at the moment.
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[User Picture]From: christowang
2004-08-15 07:55 pm (UTC)
Yeah, just wait and see what happens. If the car price goes down, or if you get more cash to put down, then you are talking. You don't want to get into another situation where you pay the car off right before the end of it's useful life. You may as well start leasing then.
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[User Picture]From: neobartleby
2004-08-16 03:51 am (UTC)
Glad you are ok. That's the important thing. Looking for a new car is a pain in the ass, good luck with that.
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[User Picture]From: skankingvinyl
2004-08-22 12:04 pm (UTC)
hey how's it going? mind if I add you? :)
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[User Picture]From: anthonys_fall
2004-08-23 12:50 pm (UTC)
Hi my name is Chris. I play in a band called Goodbye Skyline from Calabasas, CA. If you like good music please check us out at:

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